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JJ Public Relations Ltd has been established for 25 years' and has broad expertise and experience in supporting a wide range of businesses and public sector organisations with their PR requirements.

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PR is defined by the IPR as the ‘management of reputation’ and is therefore an important part of the marketing mix and should be regarded in line with the overall marketing strategy.

JJ Public Relations specialises in a wide range of PR tactics.

Media relations

JJ Public Relations represents a wide range of clients who often have very different media needs.

Some organisations require daily support and JJ PR is their in-house press office – being available 24/7 for press releases to be quickly and efficiently written and despatched and to handle enquiries from the media.

Other clients require more structured support – working to a PR plan with press releases, customer case studies and features identified in advance to ensure a steady flow of information to the media.

As a former NCTJ qualified and experienced journalist, Sarah Jenkin-Jones has excellent contacts with a wide range of regional, trade and consumer press writers and editors.

Having worked on the ‘other side of the fence’ we are able to spot a story, write copy that journalists will want to print and capitalise on wider opportunities with the media whether that is newspapers, magazines, radio or television.

Crisis management

Sometimes things go wrong and when this hits the headlines, it is potentially damaging for a business or organisation whose well-earned good reputation can quickly turn sour.

The key is to face an issue head on and issue timely, accurate and credible information to ensure that things do not escalate out of control.

JJ PR has extensive experience in handling crisis management on behalf of clients either as part of a service level agreement (acting as the client’s first port of call for media enquiries) or on a project basis.

We are available 24/7 for the client and the media and our skill is finding the positive in a negative.

Corporate communications

This covers a multitude of areas but which all share a common goal – to communicate directly with a business or organisations’ key target audiences – whether that is staff, customers, local communities or stakeholders.

This can be achieved in a variety of formats including social media, e-communications, websites newsletters or magazines.

Whatever the vehicle, JJ PR has the expertise to write copy in the most appropriate tone and format and finds the best designers for the job.

Event management

Whether that is a community consultation event, a product launch or a media opportunity – JJPR can either handle the whole event from venue booking to distributing invitations – backed up with widespread publicity to ensure maximum attendance.

Media training

Whether you are a small business or organisation wanting core skills to be able to handle the media effectively or confidently, or you want to upskill your senior managers to be able to represent the company in front of the cameras – JJ PR can help.

We have held cost effective and interactive training courses for:

  • People setting up their own businesses
  • Teams within a company or organisation who do not have the budget for a PR company and want to maximise opportunities in-house
  • Senior managers who need the confidence and tips on how to conduct a newspaper, radio or television interview

We have also been involved in the recruitment process for senior officers with a Police Constabulary where mock radio interviews are conducted with candidates in front of the selection panel to see how they perform under pressure.

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The company is headed by Sarah Jenkin-Jones, a former journalist with nearly 30 years’ business to business, business to consumer and public sector PR experience.

Based in Derby and therefore accessible to virtually anywhere in the UK with two hours, our mission statement is simple: To provide businesses and organisations of all sizes with open, honest and value for money PR and marketing support.

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