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St Peter’s Quarter Launches BID Plans

  • Date: 17/06/2011
  • Category: General

Derby’s St Peter’s Quarter launched its Business Plan for the area at an event attended by more than 40 representatives of local businesses at St Peter’s Church on Monday June 6.

 Visitors to the St Peter’s Quarter and businesses in the area have been asked for their views which have been incorporated into the document that will be voted upon by all businesses in July when they will decide whether to establish the area officially as the city’s second Business Improvement District.

 Voting papers will then be sent out in early July and, for the BID launch to be successful, more than 50% of the number of businesses and more than 50% of the rateable value of the businesses who vote have to say yes to establishing the area officially as the city’s second Business Improvement District.

 The proposed St Peter’s Quarter BID area is the commercial core of the city between Westfield and the Cathedral Quarter stretching from the river in the east (including Riverlights) to Green Lane and Macklin Street in the west and the junction of Osmaston Rd and Bradshaw Way in the south.

 The St Peter’s Quarter primary aim is to develop the area as a destination by providing an alternative and complimentary shopping, leisure and commercial area to Westfield and the Cathedral Quarter.  Activities will be focused under three project areas – promotion, improving the visitor experience and business growth and investment.

 Following extensive research and consultation, three key objectives have been identified which are the focus of the BID Business Plan.

 The activities within each of the project areas have been specifically designed to address and take advantage of these priorities under the vision of developing the area as a destination by providing an alternative and complementary shopping, leisure and commercial area to Westfield and the Cathedral Quarter


To identify and develop the identity and characteristics of the different parts of the BID area and promote and build awareness of these and their different commercial aspects:

–          Develop promotional identifies

–          Annual campaigns

–          Website

–          Customer loyalty campaigns and initiatives

–          Inter-business communications


To provide an attractive and appealing experience for visitors and workers in the area to enjoy:

–          Ranger team

–          Develop business crime intelligence

–          Develop locations and organisation of  events

–          Additional cleaning

–          Improved public realm e.g: public art, street furniture, festive lighting

 Business Growth and Investment

To encourage growth development and investment of businesses which complement and build on the strengths of the different parts of the BID area:

–          Support and encourage plans for new building, refurbishments and public realm developments

–          Improve the appearance of derelict and vacant properties

–          Monitor footfall, commercial performance and customer perceptions

–          Provide employee training and support schemes for businesses

 The success of activities under the three objectives will be continuously monitored and evaluated using a range of measures including the results of ongoing business and visitor surveys, website hits, footfall trends, sales figures, numbers of vacant and derelict properties and the level of business involvement.

 Stephen Jeffery, Chair of the St Peter’s Quarter BID Board said: “The St Peter’s Quarter BID initiative is the last piece of the jigsaw to slot into place in the commercial centre of Derby.

 “Since Westfield Derby opened in October 2007 and the Cathedral Quarter has developed its brand identity, this part of the city has lost its way and is at risk of simply becoming a passage between two distinctive elements of Derby’s city centre.

 “On a positive note, despite the economic challenges of the last three years, Derby city centre has changed considerably for the good which has contributed to the city increasing its catchment area. Indeed Derby now boasts a population which has a wealthier than national average profile. 

 “Westfield has brought additional shoppers to Derby and, with the completion of the inner ring road and creation of additional parking locally, we need to encourage visitors to explore more of the city centre and spend more time enjoying the complementary and unique offer available in the St Peters Quarter.

 “Some progress has already been made to bring some sense of place simply through the development of this Business Plan.  We now have a name – The St Peter’s Quarter – and even new pedestrian signs now identity the area on the maps. 

“These small steps provide a clue to the sort of results which can be achieved by businesses when working together towards a common goal.

Considerable time has been spent understanding the views of the public and aspirations of the businesses in this area and the key issues are reflected in the business plan of activities to make a positive difference to the area.

“In short, Derby is changing and the St Peter’s Quarter BID is part of that change.  By voting Yes in the ballot in July, you will be voting for your business’s future and the prosperity of this part of Derby.”

Comments from other St Peters Quarter businesses:

Rob Brown, General Manager, Tesco, St Peter’s Street:  “The BID will be able to drive forward the regeneration of the area and get people excited about St Pete’rs Quarter as a destination in its own right.”

 Rev David Downing, Central United Reform Church: “The BID is about people working together for a shared benefit and is a real opportunity to make a positive difference to the feel and environment of the heart of the city of Derby.”

 Darren Smith, Manager, Spa, Victoria Street: “The BID is a way of encouraging more shoppers into the area by making it a more pleasant place to shop.”

 Russ Hamer, Carpet Square, Babington Lane: “I am keen to see the St Peter’s Quarter BID succeed as we need to stem the tide of businesses leaving the area and decay creeping in.”

 Janet Field, Janet Field Jewellers, Green Lane: “I think this area has been badly neglected for over 20 years and now is the time to rectify that and turn it back into the interesting and diverse shopping area it used to be.”

Ciaran Fallon, Ryans Bar, St Peters Street: “The St Peter’s Quarter BID is a real opportunity to build on the success of the Cathedral Quarter and drum up business for this great area.”

Nicky Collett, City Properties : “The BID is designed to cover all aspects of city life, for those already working and shopping here and bringing in new ingredients to entice visitors to our part of the city.”

Simon Cotterill, HSBC, St Peter’s Street: “Although the area is moving in the right direction in terms of occupancy, more needs to be done to improve and promote this part of the city centre to bring it back to its former prominence.”

Phillip Wallis, managing director of GHP Real Estate which manages the Audley Centre:  “The Audley Centre is a pivotal location in Derby city centre that we are making much more attractive for a wider range of occupiers in the future. Being part of a Business Improvement District will certainly add weight to our proposition to new businesses.”

Wayne Fantom, Midlands Co-op, Exchange Street: “The BID is vital to make the St Peter’s Quarter a destination of choice and to promote the area to ensure the continued success of all the businesses here.”

Colin Bradley, Loughborough Building Society, Babington Lane: “A successful BID will assist in bringing new and repeat custom to the St Peter’s Quarter and enable us to offer a 21st century experience for both local people and visitors to our historic city.”

 Jon Evans, Parkhouse Evans, Green Lane:  “I shall be supporting the BID 100% and feel that the additional levy due will, collectively, become a worthwhile, productive and powerful investment within the area.”

 Alan Northern, Holiday Inn, Riverlights: “The St Peter’s Quarter BID would enhance the area’s profile and add the balance needed in the city centre.  The BID gives all the businesses an opportunity to have an input into what direction they want this part of the city centre to go in.”

For further information about the BID, contact Ian Hinds, Tel: 01332 419050;;


Media enquiries: Sarah Jenkin-Jones, JJPR, Tel: 01332 515102/07951 945 665;

Note to Editors

Business Improvement Districts are part of the national long-term strategy to encourage partnership working between a Local Authority and the business community.  A BID is a defined area within which rate-paying businesses decide on new improvements to help transform their area – and then vote to agree the investment.  This money is ring-fenced to provide the improvements agreed through the BID strategy.

The plan voted for as a lifespan of five years and further proposals have to be reaffirmed through a vote.

There are now 118 BIDs across the UK which have generated a over £170 million of additional investment into geographically defined areas.

There are two criteria which have to be achieved for the vote to be successful: more than 50% of the number of businesses who vote have to say yes and more than 50% of the rateable value of the businesses who vote have to say yes.

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